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    We provide knowledge based solutions to our clients to make their

    processes more flexible and smooth to eliminate operational hick ups


Telnia Corporation supports small medium enterprises (SMEs) which lack operational efficiencies subsequently pressing the profit margins below the industry standard or business potential.

We take clients’ specific functionaries (cost center) and automate financial accounting, payroll, human resources, and others by using customized processes best suiting to their business environment.

The ultimate objective of our services is to improve operational efficiencies and save significant cost which goes to their bottom line instantly. We use formalized methodology to the Assignments / Projects to assure that they are completed according to agreed specifications to meet our esteemed clients' expectation with due care.

Clients are kept up-to-date of the constantly changing business environment through counselling, publications, circulars and memos. Our practitioners are experienced executive level professionals with real world achievements, helping with utter integrity to guarantee immediate client expectations, credibility and results.


Our objectives as independent and empowered unit is to increase our cliental base by providing quality services....

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to our back office experts; providing best quality services by establishing critical business PROCESSES,

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide best committed services to our clients for achievement of their economic and financial...

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   Testimonials by our valued clients


Q. What prompted you to seek our services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?
Ans: Actually I was very much disturbed that how to get control over inventory moments and to monitor stock as well as how to streamline my accounting according to international standards of accountings. Somehow I approaches Telnia and I found that they had very vast experience of inventory management and accounting, they had proven records of best services to other enterprises like us.

Q. Why did you specifically select our company for this project?
Ans: When got presentation and demonstration of data processing and output of that data entry , I felt that it would cater my need to have all the information regarding inventory and accounts. Process set by them were perfectly encompassing each and every transactional activity and our business operations.

Q. What made you believe that our company was the best for achieving your desired result?
Ans: Their proven record and knowledge of the philosophy that without putting together process, people and technology adequately, it would be difficult to achieve desired results required to earn more profit.

Q. How did you benefit from working with our company?
Ans: Got control over business, monitoring become possible and numbers became reliable.

Q. What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with our company?
Ans: It brought ease of management, operations became more flexible which indeed relax me to focuses on to expansion of business to approach more clients ultimately sales went up.

Q. What exactly did our company do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
Ans: Telnia made operations flexible and efficient. Systems were developed and processes were put properly in place.

Q. Describe why you feel that working with our company was successful.
Ans: As I have achieved what was needed the most; to oversee all business activities and transaction timely, it was the great success.

Q. In the future, what type of businesses would most benefit from working with our company?
Ans: I think inventory and stock management is Telnia expertise and can do it more perfectly than any other services provider in the BPO industry.

Mr. Zain